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Monday, November 30, 2009

B Family | Sneak Peek | Fremont Bay Area, CA Child & Family Photographer

It was so nice to see the B Family! We used to get to see them practically everyday- we were neighbors! Katelyn loved playing with Lauren and Ryan and all their toys. They would even let her watch The Backyardigans! So sweet!
We met at Mission Peak and the light was just so warm and delish!
I loved that Lauren was totally into being a rockstar model! I am going to have to "borrow" her and play some more! Gotta love a willing model, right??

Your Online Gallery will be sent to you shortly. Enjoy!

KLP Update:
Clients- Believe it or not I am getting Albums edited much faster than normal ( a Resolution of mine). This has been a very busy Holiday Season for me- I love it! It just means A LOT of editing :) Be Patient! I just got 1 Album done. Almost done with another. 3 Sneak Peeks and Albums to complete. 1 more shoot later today. 6 more Sessions coming up. Phew! I can't forget about all the Everyday and Thanksgiving photos i took!

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Friday, November 27, 2009

yah! {scrappy} goodness to share!!!

i started these digi layout at the beginning of the month and just got around to finishing them. like i said in an earlier post, i've missed scrapbooking! i have some time off coming up and look forward to scrapping the day away with bean!! she loves to scrap too!

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

{giving thanks} Thanksgiving 2009

i am not much of prolific writer...lists works better for me. so here it goes...

my "what i am thankful for" list....

...my family's health and happiness. so much scariness going on. thankful we've been able to keep healthy and have had a healthy pregnancy thus far.
...changes- the lunds have been through a lot of changes this past year (selling our home, moving twice in 2 months, expecting!) it has allowed me to keep things in perspective. PHEW! it is exhausting just writing about it!
...my ability to multi task and handle a full plate. yes i usually take on too much and get overwhelmed, but i don't know any better! thankfully i've been able to stay up a couple extra hours each night and knock out some of my to do list.
...family- we are so lucky to have such support! love that we love to hang out with one another. i always say the more the merrier! i am getting so excited thinking about the day's festivities we have ahead of us! and then more fun during Christmas! i can't wait to see Bean's reaction this Christmas!
...friends- my heart always feels so full after a visit with them!
...clients- i've had a pretty full year with KLP and have a TON of ideas floating around for my relaunch when i return from Maternity Leave in Spring 2010. the support is much appreciated!
...my job. at this time of uncertainty and instability, i am thankful for my job. good company, supportive customers.
...photography and scrapbooking- i LOVE having a creative outlet that allows me to capture and record our family's memories and our ordinary everyday moments that make our life EXTRAORDINARY!!
...being almost done with my Christmas shopping. i have a few difficult people to buy for, but that is it! no Black Friday shopping for me! thank you online shopping!

...and then silly stuff like, my laptop, camera, office (ah! my lil space!), seat warmers in my car, warm and cozy blankets, hot coffee and yummy starbucks gingerbread lattes!

i am also thankful that katelyn's tantrums don't last long...

and turn into this...

and even better...into this!!

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Yamabe Family Album Complete! | Fremont Bay Area, CA Family & Child Photographer

all is quiet...i am tucked away in my office (LOVE my new space and when we begin house hunting again an office near the LR is going to be very high on the list!) anyway....i am editing and creating away!
so happy to present this lively, vibrant album to the Yamabes. You can see their Sneak Peek here. and their 2008 session here.

of course, i had to create some Custom Storyboards, especially one for each of the adorable girls!! See here for my KLP Days of Christmas post on Custom Storyboards.

Ms Emi's

Ms Mari's

and a 2010 Calendar. perfect Holiday Gift!!

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Deal Family Sneak Peek | Fremont Bay Area, CA Child & Family Photographer

editing, editing, editing...talk about a busy Holiday Rush! but i love it! every night i stay up a couple hours past bean and zack and edit, edit, edit! it is hard work, but it is fun work!!

i had the pleasure of shooting the Deal Family...we stomped through wet tall grass and hills. we watched for skunks and other creatures that may be lurking in tree holes. what an adventure! and so much fun! i hope in the end they will see how i have captured the joy the exude when around one another.

more to come shortly...back to work!!

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Monday, November 23, 2009

KLP Workshop Wrap Up | Fremont Bay Area, CA Photographer

well....it went off without a hitch!! total success!

i was worried that falling down the stairs as i was meeting one of Zack's employees for the first time that morning was an omen...but it wasn't! i got out my embarrassment for the day and didn't have any awkward moments at the WS :)

the women in the class were awesome! full of great questions and an eagerness to learn! i know i over filled their brains, but i wanted to share as much information as i could in those 3 hours!! yea, i saw some blank stares and glossy eyes!! i am sure they had dreams (nightmares, maybe) of Rule of Thirds, Shutter Speed, ISO, Aperture...oh my!!!
public speaking is not my comfort zone, but the group made me feel comfortable, which was wonderful b/c i am so passionate about photography and want to share, share, share!
i do want to say sorry hubbies! i think your wives' Christmas Wish List grew by a SLR and couple lenses! maybe an External Flash too :) oh! and Lightroom and Photoshop- hee hee!!!

it was so cute! they were already asking when KLP Workshop Part 2 was!
i am looking forward to seeing how each of the women progress along their photography journey.

and you know what they always say..what is a blog post without some photos???
here are a few from our potluck play date with friends. i didn't take too many photos b/c i was too busy enjoying the time and yummy food with friends :)

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

oh! {scrapping}...you've been missed!!!

i spent some time catching up on some Scrap Blogs I used to visit everyday...life has kind of gotten in the way and I haven't been able to scrap in some time :(
Zack and I spent some time the other night going through the garage..it is FILLED with boxes, but we made good progress. It made me sad to see all my scrap supplies packed away :(
So, I visited Scrap Blogss and talk about INSPIRATION!!!
I can't wait to find some time to scrap!!

Here are some of the places I visited:
i post Good Morning almost everyday on Scrapvillage- love this lil village!
Kelly Purkey which made me remember 2peas.
Susan Weinroth which made me wish i could CRAFT the day away ALL DAY LONG EVERYDAY!!!
Laura Vegas which makes me want to break out my embellies and PLAY! i just read she is part of CK's 2010 Dream Team! WTG, Laura! so cool and deserved!

Here are a couple of the classes I am taking (or took and need to get caught up!)
Shimelle's Blogging for Scrapbookers and Journal Your Christmas- this will be my 3rd year and I am going back to Digital
you can see year 1 here and year 2 here.
Jessica Sprague Holidays in Hand
Ali E's Daily December

and want to take:
Tiffany Tillman's 25 days of templates

i recently uploaded and ordered some Digital Layouts to SCrapbook Pictures. Can't wait to get them and organize them in a pretty album!!

i just bought more digi goodies (like i need more! a new External HD is on my shopping list!) from Sweet Shoppe Designs.
i also like to shop at for digi goodies:
Elemental Scraps
Designer Digitals

i get emails from QK on their Silhouette and i can't wait to bust that out and create with it!!

looking forward to an all day crop in Decemeber! it is going to be SO nice getting together with old friends and CREATING!!
and....some oldies because i don't have anything new to share....

Hopefully more scrappy goodness to come...

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KLP Days of Christmas

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Yamabe Sneak Peek | Fremont Bay Area, CA Family & Child Photographer

The Y Family was so much fun to photograph....i can't believe it has been a year since their last session with me! check it out here.
This family likes to play and they are so happy together!
counting numbers in 3 different languages!
playing hide n seek
tickling and hugging...oh i got some of the best hugs from miss mari!!!
so here is a little sneak peek!!
album is almost done...just needs a few final touches :)

p.s. today is my FIRST EVER WORKSHOP!!! Wish me luck!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

KLP Workshop Update | Fremont Bay Area, CA Photographer

I am so darn excited for this!
I am trying to jam pack all that I know into these 3 hours!
I LOVE talking shop and I LOVE sharing what I know with others.
We have a great group all ready to go.
I hope they know what they are in for :) hee hee

Many people responded saying they would love to come but the date didn't work out- bummer!
SO.....probably going to have one in Spring 2010. Stay tuned for dates!
I've been also thinking about WS Part 2!!
Although I am jam packing this WS with info, there is so much more that you are asking for....Editing, Digital Srapbooking, etc.

There are a few spots left....Would love to have you join us!!

...this n that...

phew....breathe out, girl!
it has been a whirl wind!
talk about too much on my plate!
i've always took on too much. in fact, that was my interview answer to the typical interview question "tell me about your greatest weakness." hee hee good ol Culver coming into play. man! i hated that job. ok, way off track!!
Marta's WS is coming to an end. it was an intense, wonderfully challenging WS.
learned tons.
made new friends.
pushed myself.
i think it is so imp't to always reach higher!
in addition to Marta's WS, i signed up for:
Shimelle's Blogging for Scrapbookers, which i've been terribly absent for!
and Jessica Sprague's Holidays in Hand (um, only read the emails!)
oh gosh! has ali e started her Daily December prep?? this will be my 3rd year!
i am behind on my blog stalking
facebook? maybe check in once a day. i guess that is a good thing right?
have LOTS of sessions to edit. thanks clients for being patient.
i am going to knock those out as soon as i finalize my FIRST EVER WORKSHOP on saturday.
so darn excited for that.
working on the outline and presentation, i think i may have too much info. is that possible?
i just have so much i want to share with y'all!!
and some more randomness b/c that is what this post is all about...
copying is a form of flattery right?
OMG! i locked myself out of the house the other night!
bean and sophie were inside.
i went out to the garage to get something and the door locked behind me!
i knocked. bean came to the door and tried the handle, but she hasn't mastered opening it.
i panicked.
no cell phone.
no spare key.
mom has one, but she lives an hour away.
zack wasn't due home for another hour or so!
ran to the back slider.
luckily the shades were up so i could see bean.
trying to get her to unlock the slider.
she was trying to open it, not getting the unlock part.
she thought it was a game and i could see her say "i want to go outside"
she kind of lost interest in me and drank her milk and watched the backyardigans i just put on.
panicking some more
do i go to the neighbors and call zack or our landlord?
try the garage door again. no luck.
try the slider and YES! bean unlocks it.
i rush in and grab her!
"i am so proud of you bean!"
"i want to go outside!"
we just hug!
bean #2 always has the hiccups!
makes it hard to fall asleep.

and what is a blog post w/o a photo???
another gorgeous model! my cousin, jaky at the beach

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

ROCKED IT!! if i do say so myself!! | Fremont Bay Area, CA Photographer

i know i've mentioned the ROCKIN' WS with Marta Locklear i am taking...well, i turned in my Final on Tuesday (at the very last possible minute too!) i was hoping to shoot Bean on Sunday for my Final, but she took a really long nap and we missed the light.
i scrambled on Monday to find another model and my cousin pulled through when she hooked me up with Andrea! Supermodel!
She rocked it!
the light was rockin'!
location rocked!
it rocked!

a new fave of mine!!!

i can't decide which i like better???

i am sad the WS is coming to a close, but i am sure Zack will be happy :)
you really do get out of something what you put in. i felt that i gave it 100% and learned so much! i also made some great photog friends. we are talking about meeting up at a big photog trade show in Vegas in 2011!!! i just LOVE talking shop!!

i can't wait for my FIRST EVER KLP WORKSHOP on Saturday!!
i am already thinking about a second date in Spring 2011 and KLP v2!!! so much i want to say and teach!
i love this stuff!!

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