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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bean's 2 Year Well Check Up

Katelyn is finally on the charts in height, weight and head circumference!! We are still going to keep her on whole milk for the calories. She isn't eating too much yogurt (I asked b/c she LOVES yogurt!).
She is still a little bean though- her 12-18 mo pants constantly need to be pulled up. I may have to go belt shopping for her :)

She got 2 shots and was such a BIG girl- she didn't even cry!

Here is a photo I took with my new backdrop paper.

not quite the model her cousin, Bryanna is- those pics to come soon. We are working on it :)

Monday, September 28, 2009

what's in my bag? Fremont, CA Bay Area Photographer

I get asked all the time What is in my bag? Well, not those exact words, but you get what I am saying...

Crumpler Bag
Canon 5D
50mm 1.4
85mm 1.8
24-70mm 2.8
*I have a filter on ALL my lenses!! This is so, so important! I hardly ever have my lens cap on. No need when you have a filter.

Back Up:
Canon Rebel
Tamron 28-75mm
Tamron 18-200mm- would like to sell

Canon Speedlite 580EX E-TTL II Flash

Editing programs:

Canon 5D Mark ii
Canon 70-200mm 2.8 L IS
Batter Grip for 5D
Canon 100 Macro Lens

Friday, September 25, 2009

Schmeck Family | Custom Storyboards | Hayward, Bay Area, CA Family Photographer

I just LOVE the way these Storyboards turned out! This fast moving family was very hard to capture all together. These Custom Storyboards allow me to display all the family members together in one photo.

Thanks to MCP...putting these Storyboards together is a piece of cake. Prior to using her Magic Boards, I was measuring everything out and it would take me FOREVER! Not anymore!!

I am so excited to send the Schmeck Family their album!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

the best of the worst

i went house shopping yesterday...it is so fun to say that!
we had a total of 5 homes to see in our desired neighborhoods (ie good schools). i am struggling with what i want my "dream home" to look like and what we are seeing in our desired neighborhoods. we can buy in another part of the city and get a newer home but the schools aren't accredited and i don't feel a sense of neighborhood/community.
anyway...of the 5:
1. was taken off the market earlier that day. i really liked the look of this house too.
2. one was priced out of our price range with 2 other offers on it. it was a foreclosure and the bank is being difficult. we didn't even go see it. why bother??
3. smelled funny. great backyard. funky layout. small rooms. everything would need to be updated. it was very hard to visualize turning that house into our dream home.
4. foreclosure. funky colors. on the fence.
5. the best of the worst! it would take a lot of work, but i could "see" it becoming our dream home. we would be able to move in right away and not have to do anything major. we could wait til the baby got a little older before we started knocking down walls :) i would want to convert the 3 bedrooms upstairs into 2 jack n jill rooms and relocate the master suite downstairs. i would like to convert the living, family, dining rooms and kitchen into 1 big great room. the backyard is great! just needs a little grass.
zack is going back this weekend to check it out. he is way better at visualizing than i am so i am excited to see what he envisions.

we will be looking at more houses on Monday. wish us luck!!

on a POSITIVE note: OUR HOUSE IS FINALLY OFFICIALLY WIPE OUR HANDS OF IT CLOSED!! i stopped by yesterday to drop off my keys and cried! i loved that lil place! it was so good to us!

i celebrated with a big bowl of chocolate ice cream!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sneak Peek | Hayward Bay Area, CA Family Photographer

I had the pleasure of photographing this sweet {growing} family at the Japanese Tea Gardens in Hayward. Lucky them, they had their parents from Switzerland visiting and lending a helping hand when Baby J was born.

Boy! did this lil one, Princess J keep me running and Boy! did she make me WORK! I even pulled out some "secret weapons"- Backyardigans whistles and stickers. Mom and Dad had their own weapons...a Hello Kitty stuffed animal that was as big as Princess J!

Little J (or is it Big J now since Baby J has come along??) was ALL SMILES! He has such energy about him and you can see how totally in love he is with his parents!

We stripped Baby J down...the Seniors walking by got a kick out of seeing him in the buff in a bowl!! LOL.

I am just about done with this album. I am creating some Custom Storyboards. It is so much fun to bring my photos to life!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Wonderful Weekend!

so much fun was had this weekend!!
rested on Friday night.
Got a late start on Saturday b/c Bean thought it would be a good idea to wake up at 5am! Oh Boy! Zack got up with her and then came back to bed around 7am and then they both woke up at 9am.
Packed the car and family up and headed to Tracy.
Hung out with the Greats Roes, ILs and AZ Lunds. Swimming, snacking, and lots of fun!
Zack and I went to Andres and Sarah's wedding and had such a good time catching up with friends! Everyone looked amazing and the Bride and Groom looked happily in love. Pics to come soon!
Got home late and got started early Sunday morning. Why can't Katelyn sleep in on the weekends??
Boys watched Football and Nascar and the girls hung outside. We blew up the Bouncy slide and played, played, played!
Ate yummy chips and dips. It was so cute to see Tayde, Michala, Katelyn and I all sitting around the patio table eating yummy onion dip! My kind of girls!!
Then we ate some more....yummy BBQ!!
I took Tayde's Belly shots- so much fun! and HOT!
It was so much fun to use my backdrop and new Savage Backdrop paper!! Love it!
Everyone was so, so tired.
We got on the road...Phew! What a fun filled weekend!

And now....laundry, bill playing, editing, lots of editing!!!
So many more pics to come!
Here is one tot ease you...

There was a photo booth at the wedding. Such a cool idea! We put one copy in a scrapbook for the Bride and Groom and we got to keep the other.
p.s. I wanted to stalk the photographers and get pointers! So, so, so excited to second shoot a wedding on Oct 10 with Angela Chandler!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

It's a Healthy Baby Girl....most likely

The Ultrasound tech was pretty sure that we are having a girl. But i think for Zack's benefit she said we should get a second opinion. When he walked into the room he told the Tech that he wanted to hear 3 things:
1. Mamas Healthy
2. Babys Healthy
3. It's a Boy

I guess 2 out 3 ain't bad, right??

I am looking forward to unpacking all of Katelyn's clothes and goodies I packed away.
I am looking forward to Katelyn being a big sister...to having a sister! Something I didn't have.
I am looking forward to seeing how Katelyn will be with her new little sibling.

But, my friend who just gave birth to a baby boy, found out she was having a boy at 38 weeks! They were told it was a girl up until week 38! So something could be hiding or tucked away. I will definitely keep you posted.

Friday, September 18, 2009

...i feel so out of the loop...

I've got some things swimming around my head. thought you would want to know what they were :)

*we got our DVR all set up and have set to record: survivor, oprah, general hospital, tigger and pooh, backyardigans, hells kitchen, sytycd. starting to get back to "normal"- our new normal anyway

*can't wait to spend time with Great Roes, Lunds, AZ Lunds, Bready and Visit Great Lund!!!

*so excited to see friend get married on Saturday.

*missing my girlfriends and desperately want/need a spa date with them

*Nancy's bday dinner was wonderful. I made stuffed pasta shells and was happy everyone liked them. Phil made a delish and moist carrot cake. Sophie loved playing with everyone...Katelyn too.

*I need to get caught up on downloading music from iTunes. Here is what i want:
new DMB/Brad Paisley song
Fallin' for You by Colbie Calliat song
Lucky by Colbie Calliat and Jsaon Mraz
People are Crazy by Billy Currington

*So excited to photograph a newborn (6 days old!!) and my SIL's belly pics!!

*So proud of my cousin and family for taking part in the Alzheimer's Memory Walk on Oct 10 in memory of my Grandma Betty. You can donate here.

*Our OFFICIAL close date is Tuesday!! I am going out House Hunting on Wednesday!!

*I placed third in the Texas Hold Em game last Sat. It was so much fun and

*I hope to have some photos on the blog soon. I still need to hook up my printer and we are in the process of getting wireless internet throughout the house.

That' it for now :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

new "home"

last night was our first night in our new "home."
i am happy to report that all went well.
bean slept great!

i did not...
i woke at 4am and then my brain started going and going about all the things i had to do.
make keys
get gas
call direct tv
go to the PO
make carpet cleaning appt
clean old house

i think i am going to write a to-do list the night before- see if that helps.

katelyn was upset more than usual as i dropped her off at daycare this morning. i was too.
i feel so displaced. our move has been bittersweet. our little home has been so good to us.
as i went back to pick up a few last minute things, i didn't like being in the empty space.
i think this will be the last time i do this or we do that...

don't get me wrong we are in a great place, but it isn't ours. it isn't our dream house. we are taking a step in the right direction by selling our townhome so we can buy something bigger for our growing family. i just wished we were moving into there now.

but hopefully this transition will be brief.

i've already asked my agent when can we go looking????

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Moving Day!!!

I don't want to leave you hanging again...but I am not sure when I will get to blog again. But I wanted to quickly stop in for a few minutes of chit chat...

Uhaul is rented for today.
My brother is coming down to help Zack.
We plan to make a trip to Tracy to take our living room furniture and other randoms to Zack's parents, a trip to storage and one to my aunt's.
I have my company awards banquet tonight and if it wasn't for the money, i definitely wouldn't be going. wish me luck at the Texas Hold Em game- I practiced on Zack's cell phone last night. I didn't do so well so I am hoping for a little beginner's luck. I was joking with Zack and said it would be funny if I showed up with lots of good luck charms, like the trolls the little old ladies bring to bingo! i guess i was pretty tired b/c i couldn't stop laughing at myself :)

we are so so so tired! katelyn thought it would be fun to be awake from 12-2:30am!!! maybe she got scared of the thunder and lighting!

i am getting emotional about leaving this place. while it has its annoyances, it has been good to us.
we brought sophie home here.
then bean.
zack has done so much work to make our home sparkle and shine!
i feel safe here.
we can leave our garage door open and i feel ok (unless zack isn't here and then i deadbolt lock everything...twice!)
the neighbors are getting more loud.
the trains more annoying.
the small space is closing in on us.

i also worry about the transition for the girls- sophie and katelyn.
but that is what moms do- we worry.

zack and i signed with the Title Co yesterday. one step closer to this whole thing being official!!

KLP news-
I only have one date in September and one in October left for Photo Sessions!!
So so so excited for this busy time!
It doesn't ever stop around here!!

Ok off to pack some more boxes!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

9 things on 09/09/09

1. So, so happy we FINALLY got official word that we are 100% closing on the 15th!!

2. Looking forward to House Hunting!! Wouldn't it be cool to be on HGTV's House Hunters?? I hope we get a good sized yard with a pool and an extra room for guests, scrap studio and photo studio. I would love the house to have a place I could invite clients (newborns) over for photo sessions.

3. I LOVE surprises wink! wink!

4. Very excited with all the Photo Sessions I have scheduled for Holiday Cards and lots of newborns!!!

5. I can't wait to find out what we are having. My ultrasound is on the 16th!!

6. Not looking forward to moving. Luckily, half our house is already in storage, but it is going to be all the little last minute things that are going to be annoying.

7. Wish me luck...on Saturday is my company awards banquet and I won a seat in the Texas Hold Em game. I have NO idea how to play. Zack has been trying to teach me on his cell phone.

8. I am looking forward to some "free time"- what's that?? to work on some cool stuff for KLP: new products, albums, updating my galleries, etc.

9. I am ready to plan our next vacation...I am still on a high from our Disneyland trip! Too bad it won't be for awhile because I've got to save up my time for Maternity Leave. But I do have a little something something in mind ;)

Enjoy your day!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009


we had a wonderful trip to Disneyland celebrating Mom's 50th birthday, Zack and My 3rd wedding anniversary and being with family!!
we flew in around 3:30pm on Thursday. our flight was smooth and everyone did well. Katelyn fell asleep as soon as we took off. Ashley's ears were plugged and hurting.
Checked into our great hotel: Hilton Anaheim.
took the kiddos swimming while Mom and Greg went walking and got yummy drinks to stock our fridge.
we ate dinner at the hotel at Baja Fresh and Sbarro pizza.
we then walked to Downtown Disney. the weather was beautiful! katelyn played in the fountain and danced to the music.
we went to bed early because we knew we had a long day ahead of us!

on Friday we met up with the AZ Lunds..it was HOT!! We saw some characters right away, got cold water and a spray bottle fan! we went on lots of rides and we timed it just right and was able to catch the Celebrate Parade- Bean slept through it!
That night we met up with Zack's friend Jeff and his family and ate dinner at House of Blues. The kids did so well for being SO tired and hungry! We were able to catch the fireworks while shopping in Downtown Disney. and then it was bedtime.
We went on:
Toad's Magic Ride
Alice in Wonderland
Tea Cups

We headed over to the park early Sat morning. We had it all mapped out and were able to ride several rides. I was surprised that it wasn't that busy...yet! We met up with the AZ Lunds, rode more rides and then spent the rest of the afternoon at Ca Adventure.
We went back to the hotel to swim and freshen up before heading out on our 2 mi walk!!! to dinner! On the map Oggi's looks like it is 2 blocks from our hotel but it is really 2 MILES! Ok, we walked all day at DL and my SIL is 7 mo pregnant! But the food was so worth it! and I love how all the kiddos played so well together on the patio.
Another late night and we all hit the sack exhausted!
We went on:
Indiana Jones
Jungle Cruise
Pirates of the Carribean
Haunted Mansion
Its a Small World
Toon Town

Soarin' over CA
HSM Parade
Mickey's Ferris Wheel
King Triton's Carousel
Ca Screamin
Jumpin Jellyfish
Grizzy River Run Rapids Ride
Toy Story Midway Mania
Golden Zephyr

Sunday morning we had breakfast in the park with the Characters:
Pooh and Tigger, Eeyore too
Chip n Dale
Captian hook
Fairy Godmother

and then met up with the AZ Lunds for another day at DL. It wasn't as hot but it was CROWDED!
we headed back to the hotel to check out, eat dinner and catch a shuttle to the airport.
We went on:
Toy Story Blasters
Nemo Submarine Voyage
Space Mountain
The Adventures of Pooh and Tigger
Splash Mountain

The trip was great! and we are already planning our next visit.

The morning we left on our trip, I swear a light switched and Katelyn hit the TERRIBLE 2s like no other! Someone took my sweet lil baby and turned her into a monster! Both Zack and I were pulling out our hair. We thought, "oh no! we are in for a LONG trip." It really didn't get any better until Sunday...the day we left! I am sure the extreme heat and lack of naps didn't help either. Or maybe she just didn't like Disneyland?? But who doesn't like Disneyland? No daughter of mine can't not like Disneyland...it is the happiest place on earth!
Luckily we had LOTS of help- I am SO thankful for everyone lending a helping hand when Bean threw one of her tantrums. Everything was "NO!" Thankfully she did get happy when we gave her her binky. She usually only has it for naps and bedtime but we gave it to her just to keep her happy.
But even with all the NOs and tantrums we still had a good time and I can't wait to go back!

Katelyn did not like the characters at Breakfast with the Characters, but loved the Mickey Mouse waffles, fruit loops, balloon and pin she was given and the Pooh Bear stamped on her hand.
She did not like the heat, but loved playing with the spray bottle fan and in the fountains all around the parks.
She did not like the darkness and dips of Pirates of the Carribean the but loved Adventures of Pooh and Tigger and Its a Small World.
She loved playing with her cousins in the hotel room, watching toonies and coloring.
She loved running around the hotel being chased by Ashley and Tyler.
She loved shopping in the air conditioned stores. I swear we couldn't walk out of a store without buying something.

OK, ready for some photos?? looking through these makes me smile! it makes the heat and tantrums SO well worth it! Bean pointed at everyone as she said their names! i love that we get to spend so much time with our families!! and have a GREAT time doing it!!
I can't wait to go back!!

My Mac with DVDs was a God send!!!

SWIMMING!! Ah it felt so refreshing!!

Friday: Meeting up with the AZ Lunds

almost in the park guys!!! we are so excited!!


Bean wanted NOTHING to do with Goofy!!

Ashley's tongue is stuck! We had to sip on cold water and slushies to keep cool! i didn't get my ice cream or Dole Whip :( but i guess that is a reason to go back!! :)

Hangin' out and being silly!

Teacups...no thanks for the Preggo Ladies!! UGH!!

The Adventures of ALice in Wonderland

Waiting in the cool shade while we went on Dumbo.

Mr Toad's Wild Ride

Celebrate Parade

Hangin' out while the Big Kids went on Thunder Creek Railroad


Saturday: Waiting for the shuttle. $10 tickets..so worth it!!

Jungle Cruise

Tarzan's Treehouse

heading into Ca Adventures. Ashley had a thing for hats and bought two.

snack time! tyler eating strawberries dipped in chocolate- yum!

They look so cute in their matching outfits! Thanks Aunt Tayde for picking them out!!

It's a small world...one of Katelyn's favorites.

thank goodness for Aunt Tayde's snack bag!!! it kept everyone happy :)

Katelyn with one of her MANY new toys from Dsneyland. These were a hit with all the kids. WTG, Zack!!

More snacks! I bought this chocolate frozen banana for me, but I think Katelyn liked it more.

Our whole party! Thank you Zack, Katelyn, Mom, Greg, Ashley, Tyler, Tommy, Tayde, Tommy Jr, Bryanna and Michala, Lund Babies #1 and #2 for making this trip so magical!!!

she is so funny when she wraps a blanket around her and says "cold" and shivers! this Tinkerbell phone was also a hit!

Sunday: Hanging out in the cool shade in Critter Country. Katelyn started acting like her normal self on the last day of Disneyland. Maybe because it was cooler. She really liked the Adventures of Pooh and Tigger ride.

I took my Canon Digital Rebel and Tamron lens with us. I didn't want to lug around my Macdaddy camera and good thing I didn't bring it. On the last day I had a little accident. Thankfully I had a filter on and it saved my camera and lens!! It was still kind of scary!
I took all photos in RAW + Jpeg. These area ll Jpegs with minimal editing. That is how I am able to get them up so quickly. There are some from the Character Breakfast where I will need to edit the RAW images because my WB was off. So there will be more photos to come! Plus, I can't wait to get all the other pics from Mom's, Ashley's, Greg's and Tayde's cameras!!

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