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Thursday, April 30, 2009

they make {SEXY} look easy!

This is a new action from The Pioneer Woman- I am in love with it! I am in love with this photo!

Doesn't she look like an Old Hollywood Starlet?? Gorgeous!

I am still editing Day 1. 150+ edited photos so far, and more than that to go!! Hang in there, ladies! I know you are all anxiously awaiting your albums :)
I better get back to work!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

{20 months}

I am late...again! Things have been super hectic around here. I wanted to take some photos of Bean for this post, but it has been really windy and cold here. I went looking for some older photos I could use and came across these gems...

Katelyn has a fond love for toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, kleenex, wipeys- basically anything she can wipe her nose, your nose, her babies' noses or the floor with!
Here she is with a couple squares of toilet paper. In her other hand is a rock. Every morning we take Sophie out to do her business. I bring a strip of TP with me. Katelyn begins sniffling letting me know she needs some TP for her boogies. I rip her off a couple squares and she goes off to find "poop" to pick up in the form of rocks or dirt. She will even follow Sophie around waiting for her to do her business! Luckily, I've been able to distract Katelyn long enough to forget about Sophie so she can go about her business!
She is bending forward showing off her TP and "poop"...it looks like she has really short legs.

at 20 mos...
still wears size 4 diaper
growing out of size 4 shoes
can still wear 12mo clothing!
still loves her babies, spoon, TP and such as mentioned above and The Backyardigans
is eating more table food
loves her snacks and milk
loves to drink water out of a water bottle, my glass or a cup with a straw (but you don't want to drink after her just as my mom!)
loves to talk on the phone and calculator. she will also put the phone up to your ear and then turn your face to put it on your other ear.
loves to throw the ball at, I mean to Sophie
spends time in the "think about corner" for not listening
loves shoes or anything she can put on her feet as shoes
dislikes having her diaper changed and will kick you! it is very interesting with a poopy diaper!
likes to hide her binky down my shirt and in Daddy's pocket and then gets the cutest surprised look when she finds it :)
still likes to smell her stinky feet and for everyone else to as well, but will also return the favor and smell your stinky feet!
she likes to walk on her tip toe or hunched over in what we call the "crab walk" when she is coming to get you!!
likes to play hide n seek with daddy

It's Official! We are on the market!

Check out our listing.
Wish us luck!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

no turning back now...

I've started editing the Boudoir Photo Sessions...OH BOY! Lots of Hotness!
Ellie wanted to go with a vintage feel- pearls, smokey eyes, cream lacy slip...VaVoom!!

Can you believe these are April's real eyelashes?? Did you think I was going to type something else?? LOL!!

This is my beautiful Mom. Yes, you read right, my Mom! She is rockin' it!

And I think every Mommy needs a photo like this! How darn adorable!! Baby Bella making her Boudoir debut. She did this on her own...she's a natural!

I have only just begun editing Day 1 of last weekend's Boudoir Shoot. I am sure there will be many more sneak peeks...that is if they are blog appropriate ;)

Contact me if you are interested in having a Boudoir Shoot of your own. My girlfriend who stopped by but didn't partake in all the fun (I bet she is regretting it now after seeing all the hotness on this blog post!) is getting all her girlfriends together for a fun afternoon. Boudoir shoots are also great for Brides to Be and Bachelorette Parties.

more hotness to come...
p.s. I peeked at Jen's Maternity Shoot from Saturday evening and man! I know it is a cliche, but she really glows!!
p.p.s or is it p.s.s. I have 3 shoots scheduled this weekend, including a newborn!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

sometimes you get what you get...

I am less than thrilled with my photos from Easter...No, I haven't posted my Easter photos yet. It's been busy!
Anyway sometimes you just get what you get...

like, speckled light all over your subjects...

harsh lighting...

bad sun flare...

not enough light...

uncooperative subject...

blurry photos...

distracting backgrounds...

bad color cast..

On the flip side, you also get tons of great memories with your loved ones and lots of photos that are emotionally perfect! When I look at these photos, I will remember the egg Tyler made for Grandma Betty, Katelyn loving the egg hunt!, April and Ashley fooling around, Grandma Susi bribing Katelyn with her camera, Katelyn being chased by Ashley and love, love, love!!!
You also get 1 or 2 that really make you smile...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bartonico Family | Sneak Peek | Bay Area Family Photographer

...a different point of view...I can't pass up a sweet tootsie photo!

There is just something about this photo- they way it is cropped (in camera), the love felt when I look at it, how proud Big Brother is...I just love it!

I will leave you with a lil HOTNESS to prepare you for the upcoming SEXYNESS..I will be editing the Boudoir Sessions shortly!!

Thank you B Family for a fun afternoon! Your album is almost ready. I will email you a link to it soon.

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