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Monday, March 30, 2009

{Lily} Album Complete | Bay Area Newborn Photographer

Sleeping on Daddy's shoulder

"Ok Camera Lady! I am done!!" Lily says. LOL!

I will be emailing you a link to your album shortly.
Thank you for letting me be a part of this sweet and special time.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

{Katelyn} 19 months

On Friday Katelyn turned 19 months...
The weather has been so nice- perfect weather for walking around the Lake and visiting with the ducks.

at 19 months Katelyn...
*still in size 4 diapers and shoes. wearing 6mos, 9mos, 12mons, 12-18 mo clothing.
*has moved into her *big girl* forward facing car seat because she finally weighs 20 lbs- exactly.
*loves anything when you call it a *big girl _______*
*loves to smell her stinky feet. especially loves it when we smell them too!
*loves to give kisses and hugs
*still LOVES the Backyardigans, babies and cell phones
*talks a lot and there are many times when I think she said something and Zack and I look at each other like "Did she just say what I think she did?"
*likes her food but only eats when she wants to. likes to feed her mess, which is always fun!!
*LOVES milk!
*to get you to do what she wants she will push and pull you.
*has really long hair and lots of it!
*still sleeping well, usually 2 naps and then down for the night by 8pm or so. Wakes between 7-8am.
*loves to play ball with Sophie. loves to cuddle on Soph.
*still loves bath time but also likes to take showers with mom.
*laughs at herself all the time.
*loves Itsy Bitsy Spider and Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes
*loves her shoes and everyone else's! and will use anything as a shoe including an empty Qtip box. I can't wait to get her some dress up princess shoes!
*Loves puzzles, especially the fishing puzzle from Grandma
*pretty much avoids me when I have the camera around my neck

*is LOVED so much!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

{weekend wonder}

Holy Cow! I've been moving so fast my head is spinning!
I haven't done a blog post like this in awhile...lots of words and not so many photos. Lately it has been the other way around. But don't worry I've got some photos to share as well.

We are getting our carpets cleaned! I am crossing my fingers the stairs leading to the dungeon come clean! Note to self: buy floor mat to wipe our feet on as we come in from the garage.
I am teaching my scrapbook class at PMP today.
We are going to spend the rest of the day CLEANING!
I am setting aside a bunch of *schtuff* to be put into a storage unit to help clear out the house. Ah- room to breathe! It is going to be so nice. I told Zack that if our place doesn't sell and we end up staying here for a few more years at least it will be lookin' all spiffy! LOL!
I am planning a nice dinner for tonight to CELEBRATE Zack's promotion!!! We are so proud of him! He has moved up pretty quickly. He is a hard worker and his superiors know that he can get the job done!
It looks like he will be transferring to the Modesto branch so that opens up looking in Livermore, as well as Dublin and Pleasanton to buy our next home. It'll be tough at first with him commuting to Modesto. There may be nights where it will make sense for him to stay at his parents' house. Hopefully our housing situation will fall into place and we won't have to be homeless! And hopefully we sell this place so his commute isn't too far.
Our family is going through so much right now- all good stuff. But it sure is mind boggling!! I am always hesitant about change, but know that it can be a good thing. (though I am still being a worry wart over it!)

On Sunday we will be spending it with the ILs in their new home!! The movers are at their old house packing up 24 years worth of *schtuff*! Can you imagine?? I am overwhelmed with the *schtuff* we accumulated in the 5 short years we've been here!

I am having a fun time creating Custom Storyboards and Wall Galleries. It seems there has been some confusion...(Ellie you aren't the only one LOL!) The photos with the Photoshop created furniture- pretend like that is your furniture in your home. You are only buying the individual photos pictured within the room. You are not buying the entire Wall Gallery as one print. I hope this is making sense. You could always contact me if you are still confused.

In other KLP news...I am shooting a family with 6 kids in a new location this week!
Then a family with 2 adorable lil boys and I booked a newborn shoot!! This has been so much fun for me!!
I've had good response for the Boudoir Session...I can't wait to see what these girls dream up! Some of their ideas blew me away! They definitely want to get their sexy on!!!

I am almost done editing the rest of the Lily album and then onto editing my nephew's Senior Session.

Here we are enjoying the sunshine...
The dirty frames are from Paislee Press.

Ciao for now!

Friday, March 27, 2009

for Cindy | Custom Storyboards and Wall Galleries

16x20 Custom Story Board...for Grandparents (shown as if it was framed)
Wording and border color can be changed.

Here is the Custom Wall Gallery we discussed last night. It shows how cool it is to mix black and white photos with color and sepia toned photos.

Here is another I created...just cause :)

These are going to look wonderful in your newly styled home!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lily | Sneak Peek | Bay Area Newborn Photographer

I know Baby Lily's Family have been waiting to see a sneak peek...without further adieu...

I love those sweet bubbles.

This looks like a good parting shot....more to come...soon ;)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Can't Decide?? Help is on the way!

If you are at all like me, you have a hard time making decisions. It must be the Libra in me (you know the scales- weighing back and forth). I can sit in front of the Cheesecake Factory menu for hours! Have you seen that thing? It is HUGE! Anyway, I totally side tracked!!

I am a loyal Design Aglow reader and fan. They offer amazing tools and articles for photographers. When I saw their Inspire Guides, I knew they would be a great tool for me and my clients. I hate bare walls. But even more, I love and want to show off photos of my family and loved ones. I want my walls to look posh and stylish, something from the pages of Pottery Barn or West Elm, but yet they are still bare! These Guides will help you (and me!) design beautiful wall photo galleries! How ingenious is that???

Let me show you some samples so you can see what I am talking about:
How Super Sweet would this look in Baby Kalina's nursery?

I know you're in need of some help....;) you likey?

This adorable one isn't even mine, but I would consider having this display somewhere in my home! LOL

These are just another one of the many services offered by KLP and can be completely customized to fit your style and needs. If you've had a past session with me and would like a Custom Wall Gallery designed for you, just let me know.

Coming soon....Newborn Baby Sneak Peek!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

KLP Spring Availability | Bay Area Photographer

Hi Everyone!
Just wanted to let you know that my Spring Calendar is filling up fast. Here is what I have open:
Sun April 5
Sat April 11- FILLED
Sun April 26

Sat May 23
Sun MAy 31

I will be on vacation for a week in June in the Santa Cruz area and would be open to doing a couple of beach sessions. Contact me for more information if you are interested.

Don't forget Mother's and Father's Day are just around the corner. A beautifully framed family photo or album would make a wonderful gift!

I am working on a couple new products to make ordering easier for you. Stay tuned!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Get your SEXY on with KLP!

Get your sexy on with KLP!!!
Ready for a day of fun and laughter with some of your best gal pals? A day
to get pampered and look beautiful in front of the camera? You totally
deserve it!
What is a Boudoir Shoot? Classy, beautiful photos of you created in a
tasteful and artsy manner.
What to wear? Whatever makes you feel beautiful. Strappy tanks, lacy boy
shorts, your favorite pair of jeans, those come and get me red heels! or a
flirty sundress. Feel free to bring a couple different options and we can
help you decide.
Where: W Hotel Newark
When: Sunday April 19; 9am - 4pm
Cost: $150 if there are 5 sign ups. $100 if there are 8 sign ups.
Setting up and Shooting Time (up to 30 min each)
Post-processing and Editing Time to make you look your absolute BEST!
Private Online Gallery of Images from your Shoot containing different post
processes including Black & White, Urban, Color Pop, etc.
One 8x10 or two 5x7s or two 4x6s printed by my Professional Lab, WHCC. One
image optimized for the web (to use on FB or MySpace...think about your
cool new profile pic!). This will be emailed to you.
20% all other prints and KLP Products (albums, canvases, storyboards, etc.)
Make Up Artist to make you look purty!!
Wine and Delish Hors d'oeuvres
An afternoon of FUN and laughter with your girls!
Don't you deserve it?

The Fine Print:
$50 dollar non refundable fee needed to hold your spot (refund only given
upon cancellation due to not enough sign ups). First Come, First Serve.
The remaining balance is due at the Shoot.
Need a minimum of 5 sign ups by April 13th. Maximum 8.

Pass along to all your friends!!
Contact me if you are interested or with any questions.
Krista Lund

Friday, March 20, 2009


What did you do today???
I feel pretty accomplished!
Here is a rundown of what I got done:
4 loads of laundry
Totally cleaned microwave and fridge- inside and out
kitchen floor- like on my hands and knees
downstairs bathroom (got 2 more to go)
dusted under the entertainment center and LR furniture
Totally cleaned the washer and dryer- tons of detergent gook
washed sliding doors (got one more set)
Gathered a basket of toys to take to Grandmas. To stay at Grandma's!! Sadly, it didn't even make a dent in her collection!
put some fires out at work even though it is suppose to be a day off UGH!!
Target shopping (forewent- is that a word? the bank. wanted to get home and crack into my bag of chips and dip- yummo!!)

Took photos of lil peanut!
We've had great weather these past couple of days. I had to get pics of her in this adorable spring (is it spring yet??) outfit. Good thing I did, because shortly after our little shoot she spilled carrots down the front of her. She is a self feeder now...or at least tries to be :)

a different post process...

Always on the go...

She is feeling better today. No fever, just a lil whiney!
Still TONS to do (like a nap! and a massage! and coffee!)...better get back to it.


Geez! What a week! So happy it is Friday! SO happy I am home today! Too bad it is because Bean is sick! Double Ear Infection! Her first one. It turns out that she most likely didn't have Pinkeye...all the gook was from her cold and her sinuses backing up. On Wed she had a mild fever. The Dr. recommended bringing her in if it got around 102-103. On Thurs it was 103.2! We rushed her in to see the Doc and he confirmed her icky cold turned into a double ear infection. Man, did she bring on the sass with the ol doctor! Some parents might've been embarrassed with the way she was trying to climb out of the scale or the way she harshly removed the stethoscope from her back. I was secretly giggling at the way she was fighting for what she wanted :) She definitely knows what she wants!

Zack gets major brownie points. I had a seminar to attend (more on that later) so he planned to pick Katelyn up. I told him to call me if I needed to come home. The only call I got was to ask where her clothes were :) He took her over to the Grandparents' house. I called a few times to check in...she was fine :) No fever, Eating. Drinking. Took her medicine. Slept fine. We will take it easy today and let her rest. We planned on going out to Mom's new house! Possible staying the night and hanging out all day tomorrow...but we will just play it by ear.

So...the seminar- Sandy Puc's Tots to Teens I attended! Man, I loved it! I may become a seminar junkie. Well, a Photography Seminar Junkie!
I was almost late...Bay Area traffic is horrid!
It was at the Hayes Mansion...walking up it brought back so many great memories. I thought maybe we could spend our 3rd anniversary there. They have a great spa.
Anyway- I got to spend a few minutes at the Vendor Faire before it started and got a great starter package from Finao Albums. I can't wait to put one of these together!!
Sandy an I differ a bit...she has a HUGE, Gorgeous studio in CO. I don't, but I am real interested in learning more about studio lighting. Some of her portraits are not my style. But she offered a wealth of information. I am so excited to see where this journey takes us.
On the drive home my head was swimming with ideas! I need to create a game plan and take action! Otherwise, these great ideas will just keep swimming (and swimming and swimming) around in my head :)

I've got lots I am trying to juggle...hoping to keep all the balls in the air! I sort of thrive on this kind of chaos.
Teaching 2 scrapbook classes next weekend at PMP
Scrap Assignments due next week
Sessions to edit
House Stuff...lots of house stuff!
sick baby
I need to take pics and post about the aprons I made

And what do I always say?? What is a post without some photos???
You can see she isn't feeling well in her eyes :(
This onesie is an 18 month. It is HUGE On her! It gives you an idea of what a lil peanut she is.

Ciao for now!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Kalina Album Complete | Bay Area Newborn Photographer

Baby Kalina's album is complete!
Christine, I will be emailing you shortly with it.
Thank you both for this amazingly sweet opportunity.

Moving? Relocating?

I know I've been vague, so there have been a lot of questions about if or where we are moving. We want to take advantage of the market and buy a house. Our townhouse has been good to us, but we are ready to stretch our wings (and have room for more kiddos! I would love to get my scrap studio/office back too!!)
We are looking in Pleasanton, Dublin or Livermore- so not too far away and closer to our parents who are in the process of moving as well.
A lot of when and where we go rides on Zack's possible promotion. He may get transferred which would make Livermore ideal as far as location. Or he may stay where he is at and make Livermore a little too far and Pleasanton/Dublin ideal.
I am not looking forward to the whole process of selling our current home, but I know that the end result (a new house!!) will be worth it!
I am also not looking forward to finding Katelyn another daycare :( She has done so well where she is at. I am even contemplating keeping her there (and commuting with her) until she is potty trained and old enough to go to pre-school OR until I go crazy from the commute! LOL!
I am happily surprised that there are nice homes in those areas in our price range :)
In the meantime, we are creating a list (man, I love lists!) of things we need to do to get our house ready to go on the market. Man, I love purging! I already started in the scrap dungeon. Closets next...

and some pics of course!!!
Ms. Katleyn discovered my pom poms and loves shaking them all around. Uh Oh Dad! You are in trouble when this one follows in her Momma's footsteps!! Here she is watching The Backyardigans. She is still in her PJ top, jeans for daycare, messy bed head, holding onto her sppy cup of milk.

Mt. "CoolCat" Caleb. He woke up with an irritated eye, but that didn't stop his coolness! "WORD!" His adorable shirt was a gift from Beisel and made by my friend's cousin. See if you can figure that one out?! LOL!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sweet 4?? 5?? | KLP Products

Here is another take on my Sweet 16 storyboard....

These feature Baby Kalina.

Featuring Dane and Bella:

See, they really are customizable!
I am having so much fun creating these! I can't wait to do some of Baby Bean!

In other Lund News:

preparing the house to be put on the market
talking to agents
crunching numbers
meeting and reports
zip realty
mom is moving into her new house. we are going there this weekend to help.
saw ILs new house- beautiful!
enjoyed dinner at Olive Garden with the fam last night!
missing being crafty...but I did make 2 aprons last weekend! I need to take pics and share.
lots of snot!

fun stuff, huh??

Monday, March 16, 2009

Sardelich Sweet 16 | Bay Area Maternity Photographer

Here is a NEW product I offer that is great for any Photo Session, but especially Maternity Sessions. The Sweet 16 is perfect for those that don't want HUGE prints of their pregnant self hung on their walls. Although if you look this HOT, you might want photos of your pregnant self all over your walls!! LOL!!

Same product. Two different looks to fit your style and needs.

Everything is customizable:
the colors
the wording
the font
the photos
color or black and white
squares (as shown) or cirlces
size of mat
can be printed up to 30"x30"

Contact me if you have any questions or want me to create a Custom Sweet 16 for you.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Meeting Kalina | Bay Area Newborn Photographer

A Sneak Peak for Momma...

OMG! Look at this face! SO totally cute- only a newborn could pull it off :)

I was told this one liked to sleep. She sure proved us wrong! She didn't sleep one wink during our session! Mom even tried to fill her tummy, but Kalina didn't want to miss out on all the fun.

Yah! I finally got to use the scale! My Mom scoured many flea markets and garage sales for this gem! I was supposed to use it for Baby Bean, but haven't....yet :) Aren't Moms the best??
I did something a lil different with my B&W editing...I brought some of the color back in. It looks very antique and cool. At least I think it does :)

I love it in brown tones too. So rich!

I still have lots more editing to do but just wanted to share some of what I got done.
This was my very first newborn photo shoot....I went in all nervous. I even had a cheat sheet of poses! LOL Emily served as a great assistant! Thanks, Em! I can't wait to photograph more fresh lil ones!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Sardelich Sneak Peek | Bay Area Maternity Photographer

No more teasers...this is the REAL Sneak Peek!

Yes, she is pregnant! 8.5 months! Can you believe it? She was a trooper too...climbing hills and fence posts in heels, laying in dirt and grass. I doubt she will have any problems handling a newborn and all the fun spills that come along with one :)
Thanks Alec and Christine for a beautiful shoot!

a little antique style...love how warm the photo feels.

old skool...I think they were talking about Christine's "stripper eyeliner"

Glowing Mom To Be...

They don't know if it is going to be a girl or a boy. Any guesses?
Christine and Alec your album is almost done. I hope you like what you see so far :)

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