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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Will Power vs. McDonalds

I so wanted the Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuit Zack brought home for me from McDonald's!! But I held strong and resisted! I didn't even take a nibble of Katelyn's hash brown. Instead I went to the gym and it felt good. I would like to lose 10-15 lbs. by June when we have the Beach House for a week again!! I am going to have to watch what I eat and hit the gym consistently. I've been feeling pretty dumpy, noticing my pants are fitting a bit tighter. Work has been crazy making it harder to fit in time at the gym. But I find that it de-stresses me...so I need it! Wish me luck!!

Here are some silly and cute photos of Baby Bean...
Showing off her "shushing" skills. She will scream and then shush herself.

Givin' Sophie some lovin'!!

Went spent the day at Beisel's visiting with all the Aunties and Ryder...stay tuned for those pics :)

Friday, February 27, 2009


Katelyn is 18 months...or a year and half old today!!! I say it every month, but my goodness! where has the time gone???
at 18 months, Katelyn...
*still loves her babies!
*still wears size 4 diapers and shoes, 6-12mo, 9mo, 12, 12-18mo clothing.
*weighs 19 lbs.
*has 12 teeth.
*isn't too interested in baby food, but also isn't too interested in people food.
*still LOVES her milk!
*loves snacks (just like her momma!)
*still loves her bath, but also likes showering with momma.
*RUNS everywhere!!
*likes to smell her stinky feet (and everyone else's!!)
*is quite the lil lover and snuggler.
*still LOVES the Backyardigans.
*waves hi and bye to just about anyone or anything.
*sings and does the hand motions to the Itsy Bitsy Spider.
*likes to play hide n seek with Daddy.
*is a pretty good listener.
*likes to help around the house, especially throwing stuff away.
*is quite the fisherwoman (gotta get pics of that).
*still likes talking on the phone. her little voice and jibber jabber are the cutest!
*loves saying "doh!" and "uh oh"

practicing her bubbles:

We also want to send a very special birthday wish to Great Grandpa Roe!!! We are so looking forward to seeing you and Great Grandma Roe in May! We can't wait to play on the floor with you and chase you around!!

We have this photo framed on our TV stand and everyday Katelyn either says hi to it or gives it a kiss.

And gotta give Sophie some blog lovin'!! Her and Katelyn are quite the pair.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

...waiting for sunshine...

Thanks Grandma Susi for the shades!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Phew! What a day!!
So glad the work day is over.
I've got lots of scrap pages to share with you....
I think this a favorite of mine. It is very Laura Vegas dontcha' think?? Poor Tyler was admitted to the ER today for dehydration and the flu. He had to have an IV put in. They released him after running a bunch of blood work.

These next 2 need journaling still...

These next two are for my layouts class I am teaching at PMP on March 28th. I need to add the journaling still. I see a trend here...Looks like I will be journaling this weekend.

and some KLP news:
I will be shooting at least 1 newborn baby girl (maybe 2!!) this weekend!! I am so darn excited! I even dreamed of newborn babies last night. I poured over Lisa Russo's work for inspiration!
I only have 3 more open photo sessions in March. Book your Easter photo sessions soon!!
I signed up for a photography conference- real excited about it! Can't wait to learn more!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Greg!!

Today is my brother's 32nd Birthday! Last night a bunch of us went to Dave and Busters for some dinner and fun to celebrate Greg's Birthday! Katelyn was eager to get down from the table and play, play, play!
Here is Katelyn with her Uncle Greggie! Uncle Greggie just loves on her and Katelyn eats it up.

Katelyn and Ashley hangin'! Poor Tyler wasn't feeling well so he stayed home :( Big Sister Ashley made sure to win him a prize to bring home to him.

Onto the games...
My favorite Skeet Ball...

Driving crazy with Daddy (although it was a much safer drive with Dad than with me on the motorcycle!!)

OMG! I will blink and she will be old enough to drive! Hopefully, she isn't anything like her mother when I first started driving! Did I mention that I failed my first driving test?? Clear the road!

Sassy Grandma Susi and Aunt Nanny.

Good times, Good times!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

{Scrappy Day}

We laid low all day Saturday. Zack had a pretty late night Friday at his Fantasy Football banquet. I ignored the chores, errands and work and scrapped a bit- actually alot! I completed 5 Digi Layouts and 6 Paper Layouts!! Katelyn had lots of fun going through my supplies :), watching the Backyardigans and running around, talking like crazy.
The rain came back today. We got to run out later and then celebrate Greg's Birthday tonight at Dave and Busters!!

I wanted to create a photobook of my blog through Blurb, but it isn't compatible with Blogger. So I've been going through my Blog and focusing on scrapping my entries. I am not so good at journaling when I scrap, so I refer to my Blog and instant journaling!! This way I am capturing the photos and the stories :)
I plan to print my Digital Layouts in a Shutterfly photo book.

Sorry for the bad pic. It has been so dark and gloomy!

Will post more tomorrow of layouts and the fun celebration at Dave and Busters. I am BEAT and heading to bed! night!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Smiles & Frowns

On the old blog, I used to post Smiles and Frowns...remember that? I think it is time to bring em back!

:) No rain! Yes, I know we need it, but it is such a pain! It was POURING on Tuesday and I was actually laughing at myself running through a parking lot trying to puddle jump and not get my laptop wet! I was battling gale force winds and hoping my umbrella wouldn't turn wrong side out (sad flashbacks of my My Little Pony umbrella doing that at school!)
:) Katelyn and Zack horsing around in the evenings cracks me up!
:) Conversations with Katelyn make me smile. "Yah? Yah.Yah? Yah. Yah? Yah."
:) My Mom's closing date is March 5! :( She will be moving to Brentwood.
:) Zack's parents bought a house!!! :( It is in Tracy.
:) I booked another maternity shoot!
:) Getting together with the Family this weekend for my brother's birthday.
:) Almost done with your House To-Do list. Still need to lay sod and install closet doors and a shower door. Then we will focus on repainting.

:( WORK! At least I have a job right?? Another office person got laid off yesterday. She was with the company for a number of years. I've taken over some high maintenance accounts. I am not sure if I made the right decision. I am sure it will cool off in a couple of weeks.
:( Our refinance got denied! I am really getting the itch to move! But I guess we are stuck here a little while longer. I like our little place, so I guess it is a good place to be *stuck*.
:( I am so behind on chores!
:( Katelyn isn't too interested in eating her baby food for dinner.
:( She also isn't too interested in eating people food either!

:) I *digi* scrapbooked!! I got up early this morning. My brain was going and going and I couldn't sleep. So what did I do?? I scrapbooked!

Until next time...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

{AHA} Crop at PMP

What an amazing day at PMP for the AHA Fundraiser Crop!!

(thanks mom for taking the pic!)

I just LOVE these girls...The OG G4!! Suzy, Michelle, Emelyn. Man, in the early years, we would meet at all hours of the night and work our tails off to meet short deadlines! It was crazy, but super fun! We traveled to many CHA Tradeshows together and would have the best time. We would be so delirious and over worked but we would laugh and laugh!
I am so proud of the way this circle of friends came together in Michelle's time of need last month (and still now) after losing her husband to Heart Disease. Michelle has been incredibly brave and I admire her will and love for her children.
Yesterday Debbie P and PMP hosted a wonderful crop for the AHA in honor of Marshall, Michelle's husband. It was such an amazing event and I was so honored to be a part of it. So far $2000 have been raised!

Here are some of the layouts I completed while I was there...
For my GG assignments featuring My Little Shoebox...

Sorry for the bad photos...it has been so dark and gloomy here and constantly raining. I know we need it, but I am so not a fan of rain!!

I will post a couple more layouts later. Photobucket is down for maintenance and I want to get this posted :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

...what a {lovely} weekend...

Despite the constant rain, we had a SUPER weekend!
After lounging a bit on Sat. morning we all got ready and Zack took some pics of Bean and I. I am always behind the camera and wanted some nice pics of the two of us. Katelyn wasn't into it so much, but we managed to get a couple.

Katelyn was eager to get down so she could run and give her Daddy a BIG hug!

and smell the flowers :)

Katelyn's new thing..."I dunno!"

We dropped Katelyn off at Gma and Gpa's and we headed out for a SHOPPING SPREE and dinner. It was nice being out just the two of us and we were reminded that we need to do it more often. But we did miss the lil one!
I am not so sure she missed us though...her and Gpa played and played!!!!
We ended the night with some cheesecake and a movie. Swing Vote- gotta see it! It was a great movie!
I scrapped at PMP for the AHA Crop. It was so much fun and I completed a bunch of layouts! It was so nice to hang with my mom and scrap buddies!
I raffled off a free photo session and I was worried that my glass jar wouldn't fill up (you placed your raffle tickets in whichever prize you would like to win.) but I think that my jar and the signed Bryant Young football were the two fullest jars!! I am excited to shoot the winner!!
I came home to a yummy dinner that Zack made! and we hung out listening to the rain come pouring down.
Zack certainly scored a lot of points this weekend...he was very patient with me while on our shopping spree. He even did extremely well in Victoria Secrets even though he was so uncomfortable!! He kept telling me to take my time and get what I wanted! What a treat!

Stay tuned for a post on my RAW workflow and the scrap layouts from the crop....

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Tayde!!

What a LOVELY day for a birthday! A day filled with lots of love for a lovely person!!!
Happy Birthday Tayde! We love and miss you and wish we could be there helping you celebrate!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

so many good ones from the Campagna shoot to share...

Lovin' the Crop Tool...

This one is blow-up-in-your-house-material don't ya think??

Had another *moment* when I discovered their reflection in the mirror :)

Gotta have some Ol Skool...

Havin' some fun with the Crop Tool...

What a perfect photo to wrap things up.
This is one of my favorite shoots thus far!! Rich and Steph, I hope you like the photos as much as I do :)

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