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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Aqua Adventure | Katelyn's 2nd Birthday

It was nice to start the day off slowly, watching Toonies, lounging a bit.
Grandma Susi surprised us with a visit with balloons and flowers.
I also got an early birthday surprise from The Lunds- Lightroom and Scott Kelby's book! How cool is that?
Katelyn and I got ready and met Zack at work for lunch.
We came came home and got ready for the Waterpark!! Aunt Nancy met up with us and we had a GREAT time!
It wasn't too crowded and there was plenty to do for a 2 year old.
Playing in the water spouts coming out of the ground.
Going Round and Round on the Lazy River.
Playing in the water jungle gym and going down the slide.
Eating churros and drinking strawberry smoothies.
I took a few pics...but it was hard to keep an eye on a 2 year old near water, making sure my camera didn't get wet and taking photos...

I was tempted to go back the next day, but I am worn out :)

After a nap for the both of us, Dad brought La Pinata home for us and Katelyn opened her gifts!
We played and colored and tried on our new Disney PJs. Off to bed!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Engagement Storyboards | KLP Product

Sarah and Andres actually created their own custom Storyboard to display at their wedding.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday, Katelyn!!!

well, this is the last of my monthly Bean posts! i have been doing this for 2 years and am going to look into having a book made of all my monthly blog posts. (put it on the to-do list! LOL!)

so, at 24 months, Bean...

still in size 4 diapers, 6-18 mo clothing, size 5 shoe
potty trained at daycare but not at home!

still loves her binky!, backyardigans and coloring. her babies and washcloths and wipies as blankets

has an ATTITUDE!! and likes to say "no,mama!" a lot! will throw a tantrum just for tantrums sake!!

doesn't like to have her picture taken

likes to eat her baby food, although she will be transitioned to real food at daycare, yogurt, green beans, pasta, McDonalds, pizza and donuts (thanks to Daddy!), yogurt, cheese, milk, water

loves to sing and dance, read books and do puzzles

LOVES anything water and playing outside

lots of words: will mimic anything you say or tell her to say
something she rambles off a whole sentence in her own lil language and i have NO idea what she is saying!

has LOTS of hair!

likes to do stuff herself and will push you out of the way to do it

i don't have any new photos to share. i am hoping to get some good pictures at the waterpark today. so i will share some oldies from throughout the year...

Jan 2009

Feb 2009

Mar 2009

Easter 2009

April 2009

May 2009

July 2009

Happy BIrthday, Bean! We LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

bean's 2nd birthday backyardigans bash!!

this past saturday we celebrated katelyn's 2nd birthday!! man, it was SO much fun! i think everyone had a good time! zack's parents were gracious enough to host it and it worked out perfectly because it was a warm weekend and the pool was nice and refreshing!! we also set the jumpy water slide and i think it got a lot more use this year than last year. you should've seen those lil girls! what a difference a year makes!
thanks to our wonderful families...they all helped out SO much! making sandiches, decorating, running errands, going to the store, making yummy salads! it just couldn't have gone any better or more smoother!
thanks to my friends for traveling near and far! it wouldn't have been a party with out you!

backyardigans, pool, waterslide, cupcakes, yummy food, snow cones....what a wonderful day!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Andres & Sarah | Engagement Photos | Sneak Peek | Bay Area Photographer

Such a lovely couple! Zack and I have know Andres since Junior High School. He was one of Zack's Bestmen in our wedding. We are so happy he has found someone so wonderful to share his life with. We wish you two a lifetime of happiness, laughter and love.

We had to move fast during the shoot because we were losing this warm, buttery light FAST! Aren't they sweet together?

Just a quick sneak peek for now. I am putting the final touches on the album.
Cheers for now!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Reviews on Photography Workshops, Forums, Classes, etc.

I LOVE submersing (is that even a word? spell check didn't say it was spelled incorrectly, so it must be) in all things photography. I am always looking out for the latest book, workshop, class, online forum etc.
Here is my review...

You know I couldn't say enough about Karen Russel's Photog Class
LOTS of info
LOTS of interaction
LOTS of attention from Karen
ONGOING info supplied by Karen

Then I took Allison Tyler Jones' Art That Happens to be your Life Photog class at BPS.
This class assumes you know the basics of your camera, exposure and all that. It really delves into creating creative portraits. Telling a story with your photos thru composition, light and other techniques.
I wish I wasn't so busy during the course so I could've have been more present. There wasn't everyday activity, like in Karen's class so I didn't find myself as involved (also life was really busy at that time!)

**In both online classes I was able to print out all the material which I have in a 4" three ring binder.

I attended Sandy Puc's Tots to Teens Seminar.
I didn't know much about her prior to going to the seminar, but thought I should take advantage of a seminar being close by. Remember I LOVE soaking up all this photo mumbo jumbo! Sandy and my style is VERY different, but she was so generous with her knowledge. She talked extensively about her marketing campaigns, shooting in studio with lighting and product reviews. She turned me onto Finao Albums and Rice Studio Supply. I also bought her Bellies to Babies DVD (that I have yet to watch.)
I signed up for Sam's World University but didn't feel it was worth the money, so I cancelled my subscription.

And joined Clickin Moms. I have heard great things about this. I only just joined recently so I haven't had time to really get into it. I will keep you posted.

I've also spent some time on I love photography. Another great resource.

I also attended Kevin Kubota's workshop. Again, I wasn't too familiar with him, but I just read that Karen Russell attended his week long intensive workshop so I thought I better jump on this bandwagon!!
Tons of info and he turned me onto Lightroom, which I haven't bought yet. But it is on my wishlist. I am looking forward to speeding up my processing time so I can spend more time shooting!!

There are so many more Workshops I would LOVE to take..if only I had the time and money!!
Brainwash with Lauren CLark
ANYTHING from Jasmine Star
The Love Affair Workshop
Brianna Graham Workshop
Me Ra Koh Workshop
THe Image is Found Shoot Shop
Carrie Sandavol workshop

and I probably could go on and on...

I've been trying to work on shooting in light...kind of tough to do when you got an active toddler who does not like to look at the camera!

I wish I didn't have the light streak going through..but I am just happy Bean gave me a smile as she was playing Patty Cake!

fishy lips!!

where's your nose?

Saturday, August 22, 2009


I stole this from Laura's blog because I thought it was cool :)

outside my window ... our japanese maple that i am going to miss when we move

i am thinking ... i just asked zack if he dreamt about me. i know, weird huh?? i remember when i was pregnant with katelyn my dreams were real vivid. well, they are back! no, not those kind of dreams!! sheesh!

i am thankful for ... the usual: healthy family, loving husband, cutest baby girl eva!!, supportive friends, blah blah blah and then the superficial stuff like, my MAC, blackberry, camera, lenses, flip flops, sweats

from the kitchen ... not much ha ha! seems like we have been eating out a lot!!

i am wearing ... black old navy sweats (LOVE THESE!) and green tank

i am creating ... beautiful images from an engagement shoot

i am going ... oops! didn't change this one... i am going to Disneyland LAbor Day weekend!!!

i am reading ... scrapbook magazines. do those count as reading?

i am hoping ... luck is on our side..we need it :)

i am hearing ... the hum of zack's xbox.

around the house ... oh man! a mess!! boxes everywhere! katelyn's toys everywhere!!

one of my favorite things ... ok, i don't like to wake up early and wish that i could sleep in, but i do enjoy having my cup of tea curled up on the couch with sophie, surfing the net before the others get up. then i LOVE going into bean's room when she has woken up and seeing her bright eyed and bushy tailed. and i do mean bushy tailed! that girl's hair is OOC in the morning!

a few plans for the rest of the week ... PACKING! MOVING! UGH!

a picture to share ... a pic of my BIL, Tommy and his beautiful family the last time we saw them in May 09. It is his 36th bday today!!! Happy Birthday, Tommy! So, so, so very excited to spend Labor Day weekend with you guys at DISNEYLAND!!!

see, this was cool, huh?? go ahead try it your self. you will like it :)

Friday, August 21, 2009

photos by Michelle Riddle

I am so excited to share these with you. I got to meet up with Michelle Riddle while on vacation. I loved what she captured. I love that we were able to have this photo shoot of just the 3 of us (I was actually pregnant at the time of the shoot, but I didn't know it yet.) Here are some of my favorites...

You can see more here:

Thursday, August 20, 2009

you make 95 look good!

On Sunday we celebrated my grandfather's 95th birthday! He is doing so well...it is really quite amazing! What is his secret you ask? He takes great care of himself, he stays busy, he naps and goes to bed early, he works in his garden, he sun bathes, he has a positive attitude, he works through his aches and pains instead of taking medication when he can.

I was lucky enough to interview him a few years back and I created a scrapbook about his life. It was fascinating hearing the stories of growing up in orphanages and participating in the Olympics!!

Katelyn had tons of fun on the farm too!
This is the messiest I've ever seen her and Zack was slightly flipping out LOL! We drove his car over. LOL!
We ventured into the garden and sampled some of the yummy vine ripened tomatoes. Bean didn't like them so much.

Then she discovered the dirt and rocks! I actually laid out a blanket with some of my old dolls, which she normally LOVES playing with, but she completely ignored and played in the dirt!

It was pretty warm and Bean was quite dirty so we turned on the sprinklers!!!

Needless to say, Katelyn was pretty upset when it was time to turn off the sprinklers and head home.

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