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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bean is 21 months old!!

points at everything
saying more- baby, sister, where is it?, mama, dada, hi dad
can point out nose, eyes, mouth, feet, toes, ears
loves to dance
loves anything to do with water, especially swimming
wearing size 4 diapers 4/5 shoes, 6-18 mo old clothing
has LOTS of hair
loves dogs but not when they get in her face
still loves the Backyardigans
loves watching for birds and airplanes, which she points at and gasps loudly
loves to be outside
still loves anything toilet paper and washcloths
loves book and puzzles and talking on the phone
is ms. independent!
is potty training!!!

Look at her lil butt! We still have to roll down most of her pants.

Man! This girl has got some hair :) This is in the morning before I take her to daycare. So I haven't done her hair yet. Notice the TP in her hand...waiting for Sophie to go poop LOL!

Bean likes to walk on her tiptoes...maybe she will be a ballerina like her cousin Bryanna.

I know, it is blurry. But I like it and that's all that matters, right??

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dane's Party Recap

The Birthday Boy, Dane!! Thanks for a GREAT party!!!

Sunday we spent the day celebrating Dane's 4th birthday!!!
Ellie hired the face painter from Knudsen's Party and she did a wonderful job.

Most of the kids all go to daycare together. It is so cute to see how much fun they have with each other and how much they care about one another.

Dynamic Duo!! Check out those muscles!!

This is Ellie trying to distract Katelyn and turn her sour mood (you can even see Bean's forwn!) into fun times. It worked. Before we knew it, Katelyn was running around having a good 'ol time with the rest of the kiddos.

I am trying to get my MAC up and running...I thought it would be tonight, but no such luck. I edited the last half of these photos in iPhoto just to get them done. It was quick and easy but doesn't produce the same results as ACR and Photoshop. I can't wait to have it all streamlined.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

hodge podge post & a sneak peek for the seffens

We have been extremely busy...I thought I could get tons done over the Holiday Weekend, but that didn't happen. At least we had lots of fun family time with neighbors and friends...lots of photos to come!
We accepted an offer on Friday night- what a way to start the weekend! We by no means have a done deal, but it is exciting (and scary) nonetheless.
Anyone who knows me, knows I am a sap. Such a softie!
I've almost cried several times since accepting the offer.
This house has been so good to us.
Zack has worked so hard to make our house our home.
We brought Katelyn home here. It is the only home she knows.
It is her comfort zone. My comfort zone.
I get sad thinking that I won't pull into our garage anymore. This won't be where I call home.
I am sad that someone else will get to enjoy our home.
Zack has assured me that he will make our next home even better :)
I also almost cried too because we are so blessed to have so much support- man we are lucky!
I know why we are doing this. Bigger house = bigger family. A place for Katelyn to spread her wings. Zack always talks about "square footage" and a yard for Bean. But it is hard for me to envision that now because we will be renting for a short while. Gosh I hope it is short. We plan to start house hunting right away and sock away money like mad! If we find a place we love and absolutely MUST have, then we will borrow from our 401ks. I know, I know...not the best option. But may be the only option if we find our dream home.

Anyway...enough sappiness!
Here is a long awaited Sneak Peak for the Seffens....

All tuckered out!

I am really behind on editing. It is tough trying to coordinate my work with 3 computers. I think I am going to cave in and take my MAC in to get MAC Daddy'd out. Working on my PC is counter productive because it is a piece of poop! It is SO slow!
So I have a ton of photos to edit so expect to see more soon.
Plus, I will be taking many more this weekend...Brandon's HS Graduation and the AZ Lunds are coming to visit!!! Good thing I bought 2 more 4GB memory cards!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Baby M 9 days old | Album Complete | Bay Area Newborn Photographer

This session was a breeze to edit. Well, it was hard too (if that makes any sense) because there were so many good images!!
I so wish I had a shot of Zack and Katelyn like this!

Look at those lips! Just precious!

Argh! It's a Pirate's life for me!

This has CANVAS written all over it!

I just love this Custom Storyboard!!

All my babies LOVE the knitted cocoon. It keeps them all warm and snuggly. Most of the time when we take it off, they tinkle. Want one of your one? Visit Karen's Etsy Store- Simply Basic Designs. I have one of her teddy bear knit hats that I used in a newborn session last weekend. Oh it was so cute!!
She also has a new Egg Cradle...I am getting one in lots of gorgeous greens!

Thanks A and C for sharing your family with me.

Friday, May 22, 2009


We accepted an offer! After a couple days of negotiation, frustration, irritation, trepidation and a bunch of other words that end in -tion that I can't think of right now, both parties came to an agreement!
I know this is only the beginning. Don't count your eggs until they hatched, right?
We are excited, but nervous.
With this offer comes a whole new set of worries...
Where are we going to live?
It looks like renting and saving up for a down payment is our best option.
It seems crazy to us that we did everything right, by the book (or at least we thought we did) and we can't get ahead. It seems like there is all this help for first time home buyers, but what about those that want to advance and move up?
We are hoping our time will come. We hope the market works to our advantage when we are ready to buy again.
I am looking forward to House Hunting (imagining it to be like the HGTV show House Hunters- hee hee!)
For now it is as I've been saying to Zack "Balls to the Walls" meaning SAVE SAVE SAVE!!
No more camera equipment.
No more Season Passes to Aqua Adventure.
No more clothes and shoes and cute lil hats for Katelyn.
No more eating out. I am gonna miss The Pasta Shop and Cactus Taqueria lunches!
Lots of Spam and Ramen- ok, that may be a bit of an exaggeration.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Baby M | Sneak Peek | Bay Area Newborn Photographer

I know Baby M's Mom and Dad have been waiting patiently for these...here is a little teaser for you.
I am falling in love with Baby M all over again! Baby fever perhaps?? We need our darn house to sell so we can get into a bigger house to accommodate a new baby!!Until that happens I will have to ooh! and aah! over my newborn baby clients.

I just started editing Baby M's session- I know I am behind, but remember that whole computer virus thing? Anyway, I told Zack, "Uh oh! I am in trouble!" The first part of my work flow is me going through each photo and assigning a star to an image if I like it and want to edit it and include it in the Gallery. I have A LOT of stars from this session!!!

I love her sweet grin. Can you see her dimple??

See how easy it is to fall in love with her?
Ok, back to editing!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

all about katelyn

Daddy and Grandma complaining about not seeing Baby K pics on the blog...this post is for you!
Her lil pigtails are too too cute!

Katelyn, where is your nose?

Stink face after smelling my feet. Yes, she likes to smell everyone's feet and in return we have to smell her feet!

Loves to jump on this drain door (??) every time we are outside.

Loves to pick and smell the flowers..these ones don't smell too good.

I saw these while I was out looking for shoes for me (didn't find any.) I am not a huge fan of Crocs, but these lil Crocs were too cute to pass up. I thought they would be perfect for our beach vacation in June.

Kinda cool shot...it is shot through a hole in the leaf she was carrying in the previous photo.

We went out to Discovery Bay for an impromptu swim party and BBQ on Sunday. Katelyn had too much fun! She is such a water baby! She loved hanging out in a lil pool made especially for her! Deuce, my cousin's english bull dog also loves to roll around in there, but only when the waterfall is turned off.

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