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Thursday, December 31, 2009

*CLOSED* KLP 2009 Faves and Contest Announcement | Fremont, Bay Area Ca Child & Family Photographer

*The contest is now CLOSED! Thank you to all who participated. Stay tuned for the WINNER announcement on Jan 10!*

**Anonymous Comments are not eligible to win because I don't know who you are. Please come back and add your name and email address.**

Phew! Holidays are over....Well, we still need to ring in the New Year and what better way to do so than with a KLP CONTEST!!!
Below are some of my favorite images from my 2009 Sessions. Vote for your favorite one by leaving a comment with the # and your email and the family that belongs to the image with the most votes will win a FREE 11x14 of that image!! You can only vote once but feel free to have all your family and friends join in on the fun too! And....they will win too! I will randomly draw another winner from all the Voters and they too will win a FREE 11x14. This can be applied to a past session if they are a KLP client or towards a future KLP Session.
Contest will run from 12/31/09 to 01/08/10 and the winners will be announced on 01/10/10.

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Valentine's Day Boudoir Session Special | Fremont Bay Area, CA Photographer

You can see more Boudoir Sessions here.

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Christmas Day

i know i am totally posting our Christmas photos and recap out of order, but i am ok with that :)

we spent christmas day with zack's family. it was warm and cozy and i was so snuggly by the fire. the breadys joined us for a delish traditional christmas dinner and our bellies got full. bean had fun playing with all her new goodies! play table, digi camera, violet the pup and more. thanks grandpa and grandma!! katelyn and grandpa did what they do best- wrestle, tickle, horse around! so silly!

and for my photog friends:
i shot all my Christmas photos with a Canon 35mm 1.4L lens that i am borrowing from www.borrowlenses.com while my 50mm 1.4 is in the shop getting repaired.
thanks DH for my new battery grip!
funny story real quick...in my stocking were 2 camera batteries (i thought i already rec'd my gifts from hubby the night before). i was like "thanks, i could always use more camera batteries." right? secretly i am looking around for the battery grip!! then zack says "well, maybe Santa left you something." and he pulled a box from under the tree and it was my battery grip!! thanks honey!

also...lately i've been post processing my family snapshots in Lightroom real quick. i then export them into Photoshop CS4 and apply Noiseware and batch process Edge Sharpening and save as jpegs and voila! done! what used to take me half a day now takes less than an hour. love it!

and one last note...i wasn't feeling the whole photo thing this year. maybe a little burnout from a busy holiday season with KLP. i was wanting to enjoy the moment and not worry about capturing the perfect photo...and i am ok with that. lovin' my snapshots :) and we did good and brought out the video camera too!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

don't want to forget...

trying to get back into the swing of things...
super tired from a week full of fun festivities...
slowly going through all the photos...
quickly jotted down some things i didn't want to forget...

we have had such a wonderful Christmas Season and i wanted to jot some things down before i forgot about them. it's been a little crazy around here and although i've been taking tons of pics i haven't had time to edit or post them...so just a lot of words today about some really memorable christmas moments!! and the best part....it's not over!!

**visiting sick daddy at work and Bean handing out candy canes saying "merry christmas" in her too cute leopard dress and knee high knit socks.
**playing outside (letting bean run off the chocolate cupcake she had for lunch) and meeting the nice neighbors and seeing "santa" (aka guy with long white beard) drive by and Bean yelling "Bye Santa!"
**Watching Bean LOVE ON HER new kitchen set Gma Susi bought her. It has been at our house for a week or so. Zack put it together and hid it. After Bean's nap yesterday Mom came over so she could give it to her. Bean was a bit groggy and not too happy about me subtly waking her up so we can start our Cmas Eve festivities. She played hard to get with the kitchen set first, wanting Mommy to heat the water, open the oven, etc. But that only lasted a minute or 2 and she couldn't help herself- she jumped right in and played,played, played. Until Tyler called and we told Bean that we better get over to Aunt Nanny's before Tyler opened all the gifts!
**seeing Brooke and Katelyn play so well together. this is our 3rd annual get together with The Seffens and of course we dressed the girls alike! little did we know, shea and i almost were twins too! there aren't that many options for maternity clothes! LOL! this year was a little more difficult to get a photo of the two lil munchkins- we were talking about how at our first holiday gathering the girls we "blobs" we propped up on the couch LOL! cross your fingers we got a good one :)
**LOTS of exciting news in our family!!! Greg and Jenelle are EXPECTING and ENGAGED!! I made my brother tell me the entire proposal story and it was sweet! They are so happy together and we couldn't be more pleased to welcome Jenelle and Baby Fernandez into our family! This time next year Mom will have 3 grand babies! I told her she better start saving her pennies now! ha ha
**visiting Crippsmas Court. we got and walked it and Bean loved seeing all the razzle dazzle! we are looking forward to owning a home again and going all out!
**visiting "the snow" at Del Ossos Farm. What a disaster that was! Zack has been bugging me to get out to the "real" snow, but my schedule hasn't allowed it (bad Mommy! next year I will definitely cut off photo shoots earlier!) anyway Sandee told me about Snow on the Farm in Lathrop so we planned to visit it. The snow play area (the whole reason we went!) was tiny and Bean wanted nothing to do with it. She did enjoy all the other attractions: watching the big kids slide down the tubing hill, looking at the horses and real live reindeer!, seeing all the sparkling lights, walking all over the place (not listening)! oh well! she looked adorable in her big puffy pink snow outfit, but of course she wanted nothing to do with my camera! again, cross your fingers for a decent shot or two.
oh it got worse! poor girl was hungry b/c she hadn't really eaten so when we got in the car (which she didn't want to leave) we gave her some snacks and she must have bit the inside of her cheek b/c she started wailing! a car alarm was going off, zack was agitated, bean was wailing! i tried giving her smaller bites of puffs...more wailing! mini M&Ms...more wailing! we finally made it to Zacks parents house and tried to feed her everything under the sun even ice cream...more wailing! Finally Sandee offered her plain white Wonder bread and that did the trick! she ate 4 pieces and I was calling it "magic bread." once she got some food in her she went back to being Happy Bean and Mommy and Daddy were happy too!
**i've been baking up a storm!
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip muffins
Peanut Butter Chocolate Brownies
Martha Stewart's Rocky Ledge Bars
but I don't think I've figured out the over yet. i think it burns hot. i had to turn the heat down and let my goodies cook longer than stated in the recipe. my guests didn't seem to mind slightly raw yummies. i did put out a disclaimer :) and really, who doesn't like a little raw?? LOL

Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownies

Martha Stewart's Rocky Ledge Bars

wish i would have gotten a photo of them after i baked them and a photo of my cookie platters...oh well!

**I also made my Aunt Nancy's famous oh so yummy soup! it was delish! and perfect during this cold spell.
**gettin' crafty! i've been having a BALL!!! craftin' and creatin' this holiday season:
Bean's treat bags
Family photo gift tags
JYC 2009
digital scrapbooking
lots more to come!!

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Monday, December 28, 2009

filling in some dead air with some IMPORTANT INFO: The DO'S and DON'TS of stealing images from your Photographer

I am trying really hard to get some Holiday Photos on my blog....tomorrow. maybe. i am not feeling too hot.

in the meantime, I saw this article on one of the many blogs I stalk and the fabulous Drew B gave us permission to post it on our own blogs and I felt it was important enough to share on my blog:
Full Article can be found here.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Stealing Images From Your Photographer
I get asked a lot by both photographers and clients what my policy is on letting my clients post their images to their blogs and facebook account. I personally love it when my clients post their family pictures on their blogs, facebook, etc. It shows me that they truly love their images! I encourage my clients to “steal” their pictures from my blog to use on the internet. Here are a few do’s and don’ts that you should think about when reposting your images:
1) DO ask your photographer what their specific policy is on taking pictures off of their blogs. Some photographers encourage it and some don’t allow it. If this is important to you this is something you should ask BEFORE you hire your photographer!
2) DO include your photographer’s name and website under the images (a link would be super nice!). That’s just the polite thing to do
3) DON’T crop out their logo. Unless you have paid for the digital negatives don’t alter the files in anyway. Most photographers use their blogs to advertise their work and do so as a courtesy to give their clients a sneak peek. If a client crops out the logo then how will other people know who took the picture?
4) DON’T edit the picture in any way. Taking the pictures is only half of a photographers job. The other half is editing. If you think you can do a better job or want to edit out some of your wrinkles or use selective coloring please don’t show and/or tell your photographer. That is super insulting. If you don’t like your photographers editing enough to want to edit it yourself than maybe you need to find another photographer next year.
5) DON’T try to print from the files on the blog. For me specifically I know that the files I upload to my blog are too small to be printed in a 4×6 size. It’s not cool to invest in a family session and then print the images off of the blog and not pay for prints. Make sure you know how much the prints cost before the session to avoid sticker shock. Same goes for scanning prints that you already bought. Not cool! Some of my family members are guilty of printing images off of my blog. It makes me cringe when I see them FRAMED in their homes with my logo still on there! To be fair, I’m also not great at emailing them the file when they ask for it

and you know what i say, what is a blog post without a photo or two...
here are some i took on Christmas Eve Day. we had just got back from visiting Daddy at work (boo! he had to work on Christmas Eve, but his crews got back safely!) Bean handed out candy canes to everyone and enjoyed a cupcake for lunch! Here we are letting her run it off before her nap. Worked like a charm!
i should mention that this adorable dress is a hand me down from the Yamabes and I paired with the cutest pair of knit knee high socks from The Elsons! i should also mention that this in only her Christmas Eve day outfit. she had another equally cute outfit for our Christmas Eve festivities :) of course she did, right? LOL!

Bean doing what she does best...being super silly!!

***KLP News***


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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

vacation!!!!! lovin' it!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE being on vacation!
what have we been up to:
napping :)
baking- Pumpkin Chocolate Chip muffins, Martha's Rocky Ledge Bars, Peanut Buttery brownies, Chocolate Crinkles
visiting with Grandma Susi and Grandma and Grandpa
photo shoots


and paper scrapbooking. i am trying to get caught up on my JYC 09.

darn scanner makes everything look fuzzy, but you get the idea.
you can see more from my JYC 2009 here.

I also would like to get Bean's First Year Album done...would be nice to get it complete before Bean #2's arrival!!!

What more do we have in store on this vacation??
visits from/with:
The Seffens
Auntie T
The Reads
John and Keith
Grandma Susi
Greg and Jenelle
Christmas Eve at Nancy's
Christmas Day at The Lunds

more baking, napping, cleaning and errands
more scrapbooking
2 more photo shoots
Dr. appt.
KLP work- stay tuned for a newsletter

**KLP News***

KLP Days of Christmas

KLP December 2009 Newsletter and 2010 Calendar Sale


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